SaaS Telemetry Platform

Our Software as a Service platform has been developed specifically with
you, the telematics solution provider, in mind.


The Key Telematics platform is a white labeled solution. Everything in our platform is customizable with your own brand.

Focus on growing your brand while we focus on creating awesome software.


You pay monthly, and only for every asset added to our system. No long term obligation and no hidden start up fees. Grow your business from one asset to a thousand without breaking the bank.


We support over a 100 devices from more than 40 different hardware providers, and more are added every day. Pick the right device for the job and forget about vendor lock-in.

You can take immediate advantage of hardware already integrated, or contact us to have a specific device integrated, free of charge.


Live Asset Tracking
Watch in real time as your fleet moves around on the world map.
Activity Streams
See what an asset is up to at any given moment. Quickly view current and past trip activities as they are completed.
Customizable Alert Engine
Build up alerts from events generated by your assets and customize them with even more configurable filters. Alert your users via SMS or email.
Asset State Engine
Is the asset waiting, loading, moving or in the workshop? Create customizable rules to view the current state of an asset with a glance..
Customizable Reports
Choose from a large number of customizable reports to present to your clients. Users can create and save report templates at will to address any reporting need. Schedule reports at any time and have them delivered directly to your inbox.
Detailed Trip Replays
Simply select a date and a trip to get detailed route and statics presented to you on a trip by trip basis.

And so much more! Contact us for a free demo and find out for yourself.

Our Technology Partners

Key Telematics has partnered with over 40 technology partners including hardware OEM’s and solutions providers.