Telematics Industries

The Key Telematics platform is suitable for a host of industries

Fleet & Logistics

K ey Telematics offers its customers almost two decades of experience in fleet management technology. Our advanced GPS tracking software has a comprehensive range of features designed specifically for fleet managers and owners.

Standard features you would expect from tracking software, such as trip replay, speed reporting, geofencing, location management, odo/hour based reminders and real time tracking are all part of the Key Telematics offering.

  • Driver behaviour management
  • Integrated fleet maintenance software
  • Tyre pressure and temperature module
  • Driver management
  • User defined geofencing with custom speed limits and proximity alerts
  • User defined notifications
  • Custom user roles
  • Speed by Road

Passenger Transport

I n addition to the normal fleet management responsibilities, passenger transport operators face unique challenges. Governments create a raft of statutory obligations, and the market demands high levels of safety, which require careful monitoring.

  • Driver service hours
  • Driver ratings, against a set of user determined parameters
  • Driver medical and public license renewals
  • Vehicle maintenance, license and insurance reminders
  • Tyre pressure monitoring
  • Speed monitoring

Commercial aspect of managing fare collection, maintaining route profitability and schedule adherence is a significant management burden. Powerful software features like route creation and geofencing along with integration of hardware such as passenger counters, handles much of the management and control burden.

Cold Chain

T he adoption of telemetry technology to control the cold chain is becoming common place. The challenge we all face is to get relevant vehicle or cold storage data into the correct hands without adding complexity or data overload. Key Telematics does this very successfully. Our software collects data from multiple stages in the cold chain regardless of the hardware being used, such as RF and GPS/GPRS protocols.

It also recognises refrigerated data, and innovative tools automate the process of sending data to the correct recipient, to ensure effortless cold chain management.


N umerous aviation organisations around the world, track aircraft, using Key Telematics software and a wide range of hardware types.

Besides the standard aviation tracking features such as position, speed, heading and altitude there are useful features that assist aviation operations and improve safety.

  • Airport proximity alerts are especially useful in conflict areas, where ground staff are able to receive SMS notification of approaching aircraft
  • Take off and landing alerts can be mailed or sent via SMS to multiple recipients
  • Communication with pilots en route is easily done and an audit trail of communication is available for future use


K ey Telematics software is used to track and manage marine fleets across the globe. Passenger, freight and fishing operations rely on our alerts feature to watch over their fleet 24hours a day.

In addition to standard marine tracking features such as position, speed and heading, there are useful features that assist marine operations in controlling costs and improving safety.

Rail Transport

T elematics software manages any assets whether static or mobile. In a rail transport environment, signal positions, points positions and rolling stock can easily be managed with Key Telematics software. Proximity warnings combined with asset state such as “points open” hugely improve safety in rail networks.

Static Assets

K ey Telematics software is an excellent tool for static asset tracking, such as pump stations, GSM towers, pipeline valve points, tank levels, cold storage facilities etc.

Control of various elements of the static asset is possible from the control room through the software (hardware dependent). User defined alerts and creating your own custom fields enables operators to custom build their monitoring platform.

Earth Moving

T he flexibility of Key Telematics’ software is perfectly suited for managing complex machinery in dangerous environments such as earth moving. Integration with hardware not ordinarily found in road fleet environments is standard with our GPS tracking software.

Features available in the software include:

  • Engine protection
  • Operator breathalyser testing
  • Tyre pressure monitoring
  • Proximity warnings


K Key Telematics software is used in managing agricultural operations from sugar plantations to wine farms and large multi crop and herd environments.

Data from different aspects these environments is combined to create a complete picture for management. These include:

  • Mobile equipment monitoring - tractors, harvesters etc
  • Static asset management - pump stations, generators etc
  • Soil analysis equipment
  • Tank levels and temperatures
  • Cold chain management for produce transport
  • RF tagging in dairy and stud farming

Emergency Services

K ey Telematics software is used in managing essential services in many countries around the world. Police, ambulance and fire departments make use of our software to manage response times, fleet utilisation and improve safety of service emergency personnel.

Control room operators can easily select the most appropriate asset and response team and send despatch data directly from our software to a vehicle. Lone worker protection and resource allocation can be easily managed in the Key Telematics software.